Midsummer’s Night Garden Party!
July 23, 2017
Ornament Painting
November 5, 2017

Story Telling & Book Signing

October 10, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm America/New York Timezone
The Local Grind Coffeehouse and Cafe

Join us as author Jacqueline T. Moore reads from her latest book, The Canary.

About the Book:

1 spunky widow, 1 hateful church lady, 2 sailors & 1 checkerboard, 5 little darlin’s + I smarty stinker, Add 1 apron pocket full of jewels, Mix well and bake in the 1890’s Galveston heat. Myra Gallaway, a young widow with five children, supports her family by walking the wharves of Galveston selling homemade sweets. She never imagined she’d be joining forces with husband-hating church society queen, Julia Jameson. Myra’s apron pockets are soon filling up with the unspendables man smuggling sailor friends Sure Foot and Black Jack need to move. The Klondike gold fields are calling hapless dreamers and the boys are all about obliging them, yet everybody knows that a sailor cannot spend what he does not earn. My goodness, those unspendables are one serious problem!

About the Author:

Some people call Jacqueline T. Moore a snowbird because she spends so much time writing in South Carolina. Not so. She loves the Ohio winters with all the ice and snow. She says, “Traveling south in the summer makes me a sunflower…and a beach bum!” As a writer and educator, Jacqueline surrounds herself with words. She savors the sounds and sense of letters put together to create a lasting memory. Her debut novel, THE CANARY, is inspired by a most beautiful yellow diamond that rests on her finger and the whispered family secrets about how it got there.

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